Stand up and say NO to Islam! ย 

If only people would see the issue we have daily with Islamic muslims.   Thousands to millions of tax payers money lost yearly,  benefits,  free housing, food and education are handed to immigrants free of charge and no effort required. Countries like Sweden and London who have accepted the masses of Muslim immigrants especially are now suffering greatly.  The increasing percentage of rape and murders of women has escalated to an all new high,  96% of the crimes committed in Sweden are muslim related. While immigration has never been as big of a deal as most would think (until now) ,  almost all western societies are classified as “multicultural” due to the long history of immigration. This muslims reasoning however is not good enough.  I understand in some parts of Mexico (as an example) living conditions are close to or actual poverty, and I do believe in some cases these immigrants are going to other countries in hope of a better life.  With muslims though, this ๐Ÿ‘ is ๐Ÿ‘not๐Ÿ‘the๐Ÿ‘case!

Please understand that while we have always had issues with racism and discrimination against religion,  that nothing have ever come close to the terror caused by the Muslim community. (except may the holocaust)  The Twin Towers,  lindt cafe,  London bridge, Paris,  all the trains and subway explosions in London,  russia, America, the consistently growing rape of people in Sweden, the trucks plowing people,  the beheadings,  the acid attacks, the THOUSANDS of terrorist attack they carried out during Ramadan! ARE YOU LEFTIST SHEEPLE GETTING ALL THIS?!  These people have come here,  claiming to be running from a life that they’ve bought with them!!! 

These muslims have come to our countries, and are taking over forcibly. They are damanding sharia law be followed by all,  they are censoring Christmas, while forcing us to embrace shit like Ramadan.  They are trying and have succeeded in forcing people out of their homes,

You may think I am racist,  me being a racist would be carrying on that all whites are privelged or all blacks are criminals,  they’re stereotypes. What is happening with the muslim community, it is not a stereotype, is not racist,  it is NOT ISLAMAPHOBIA (yet again another false ideology the left has created) as I am not judging their preference in religion,  or the colour of their skin,  I’m am not judging the entirety of muslims, just the 99.9% of them who are extreme.  If you have a bowl of 99 skittles and one is poison you might be silly enough to take the risk. When you have 99 poisonous skittles and one good one,  you chuck the fucking skittles. 
If they wish to follow sharia law,  then send them back on there boats and be done with it. You may be scared to be called names, well I’m scared that my family is doomed to face rape and murder and beheadings.  But if you’re scared of someone calling you a bigot because of your own self absorbed fucking ego,  that is your own problem, you can join the murderous scum on their journey back home. 

I am an Australian,  and this country is going to hell because of muslim immigration.  

Sweden and London are lost. America is fighting strong and Australia is slowly collapsing. Stand for your family,  stand for your freedom,  stand for your country and say NO to Islam/ muslims taking over our land.
God save us all. 


Halloween ๐ŸŽƒย 

Hey guys and girls,  (trans,  potato and everything in between) this Halloween I’d like to remind everyone that it’s okay to dress however you want to!  However!  The leftist social justice warriors have created a list of things that you can’t dress as, because they will be offended.

This list is directed at adults and children of all ages,  here are a few!

*Absolutley no black face,  this includes everything from a black idol,  to Peter pans shadow! Whether or not you are painting yourself for the purpose of becoming a spider,  it is still somehow racist! 

*Do NOT dress as Elsa from frozen,  as it praises white beauty and white supremacy. I haven’t heard much about the other princesses, but I wouldn’t suggest it. 

*Do NOT dress as Moana if you are white, as it is cultural appropriation. 

*No dressing as anyone of the opposite sex or anyone trans.  I’ve dressed as frankfurter from Rocky horror picture show almost every year.  Time to find a new outfit.

*Absolutley no dressing as an overweight character if you are not overweight!  It is thin privelge and fat shaming! 

*Don’t dress up as a witch of any kind, self proclaimed witches are now getting offended. So all you Harry Potter fans better wingardium Levi- the fuck outta here with your oppressive ass costumes!

Dear social justice warriors,  I would like to add to your list, in hopes that you can follow a set of YOUR OWN rules

*Do not paint your face white,  in any way, meaning no skeletons or clowns meaning no pennywise from IT! It’s white face and you are supporting white supremacy. 

*Do not dress as a scary priest, or nun, or wear any other form of Catholic,  Jewish,  Buddhist  or your personal favourite,  Muslim clothing, unless you do yourself support that religion. 

*Do not dress as sugar skulls, we have already discussed how skeleton makeup supports white supremacy but you will also be appropriating Mexican culture!  

* No dressing as animals because it may offend a vegan. 

*No dressing as mystical creatures as it appropriates mystical culture.

*Do not dress as inanimate objects,  because inanimate objects cannot fight back,  you are supporting rape culture. 

Now that you have seen how pathetic, idiotic and out of hand you look,  please respect these decisions in the manner you expect the rest of the world to respect  yours. 

There you have it guys,  Pretty much, you can either not dress up at all because somehow,  somewhere,  a leftist tard is going to get triggered, froth at the mouth screetching “I’m a victim” 

Or you can enjoy Halloween,  make sure you keep safe, and remember,  don’t take candy from strangers!