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Please enjoy another rant filled blog, debunking some of the feminist propaganda, pointing out the flaws and facts of feminism. (This is specifically aimed at the self identified feminists, that we all know as ‘feminazis’ To the feminists who believe in TRUE equality and actually fight for it, thank you)


First wave feminism ( 19th and early 20th century) This refers to the period in time, where women started to come together to fight against inequalities between men and women. This includes the right to legally vote, Women’s suffrage and more.

Second wave feminism This began about the 1960’s, up until the 80’s feminists continued to fight for civil rights, along with broadening the view to more issues such as, freedom of speech, domestic violence and reproductive rights (abortion and birth control)

Third wave feminism Even google doesn’t have a certain answer for what this is. Yes, the fight for ‘equal rights’  I had a look around for quite a while to see what inequalities we still have and all I have found is absolute, selfish bullshit! There were the very few who bought up the third world countries ( you know, the ones in which they are not fighting for) Here is a random lists of what third wave feminists claim to be fighting for and against.

1. Women pay more for common household items than men do. 

This honestly,  is just cringe worthy. As someone living with a mother and a father I can say, my father does the shopping, most of the cooking and uses his income to do so.
Not because he has the time, or the money.
If however you’re a woman, like most women I know, you prefer to do the shopping and mainly because you chose to be a stay at home mum, the what the fuck are you even complaining for?
Out of all the “inequalities” this world really faces, and this is your number one go to argument?!

2. Women still shoulder more of the household burden. 

This is a joke right?  More than 50% of women still prefer to be stay at home mothers, to raise the children and cook and clean. This is not because of male privilege or inequality this is simply because these women choose to do this!  While you’re sitting at home all day everyday, and your husband or partner is working to provide an income FOR YOU, don’t you think it’s fair that you take a little responsibility for yourself ? I understand some household cleaning can be difficult, so why don’t you be the one to go to work and make an income for your husband all day and then come home to the complaint that you don’t contribute to ‘household burdens’.

3. Women are far more likely to be the victims of human trafficking. 

The only one so far that makes  sense to me,  yet I ha
ven’t seen a lot that feminists have had to do with this, I have however, seen a lot of a certain ‘white male’ putting an end to it. While third wave feminists are fighting to ‘share the household burden’ Ashton Kutcher along with ex wife Demi Moore, began an organisation in 2008 to help trafficking victims. So far up to 6000 victims have been identified and rescued, about a third being minors, and 2000 traffickers have been caught. So this is an on-going issue that feminists should be fighting for, as hard as these two.

4.Women overall are at a greater risk of rape and domestic violence.

While I 100% agree with this, I refuse to neglect that men can be victims too. The reason I agree, is because I know women are the weaker sex, that is a
scientifically proven fact, although feminism does not believe in science of fact, just take a look at their gender confusion. Anyway, while it is clear that women are at a higher risk of rape, there are precautions we can all take. Carry pepper spray, learn self defence, have a rape whistle, travel in groups of people. Literally all I hear is “why teach us not to be raped teach boys not to rape”. Mainly because this is not a gender issue, young boys should be taught these precautions as well! Women have abducted and assaulted male children, there was a horrific event where two girls abducted, assaulted and murdered a small boy, another where a mother was skinning her sons alive. Rape is not a gender issue and everyone needs to be aware, as for women being at greater risk, you’re correct and that is why we teach you these things.

5. Men earn more than women.

 Yes, on per average men earn more than women but what you are failing to realise is that men are not paid a higher rate then you, especially working in the same field. This was an all round survey of a basic wage between genders. Men in total earned more then women and here is why.

Men take higher paying jobs such as labouring work where as women will take jobs such as nursing. The labouring job may pay $23 an hour yet a nursing position only $22. Here is the real shocker ladies and gentlemen, if the woman worked in labouring, she would be the one to earn the $23, and the man in nursing $22. You earn your pay based on your job, and your hours. Not your gender. lets not forget that  women take personal time off and don’t receive as much money, as the average working man.
As i stated before, this is an all round statistic, including everything from stay at home parents, the unemployed, homeless and working, and  it means that in all honesty, men work harder jobs and longer hours than women, and IN TOTAL, earn more, rightfully so.

I’ll stop now or I never will, But feminists I hope when you are complaining about buying soap for your family, the little girl you could be saving fights her way out.
I hope while your busy blaming men for stare rape, the girl actually being raped gets justice.
I hope while you’re busy arguing over what gender earns more, that the children starving to death in other countries forgive you for having the power to help them, but not the heart.

I hope one day you will wake the fuck up to yourselves.


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3 Things Wrong With Feminism

Firstly, I’ll specify that I’m not talking about first or second wave feminism, but third.

In most countries, except of course where it’s needed, feminists continue to protest their fight for superiority, while others fight for a right to live. Here are some points that I find wrong with third wave feminism logic.

  1. So there are free the nipple rallies, for of course the de-sexualisation of the nipple and the purpose of being equal to men. Well, first of all, it is indecent for a man to be topless in public. It is called ‘public indecency’ or ‘indecent exposure’. Unless at a beach, men and women are required to wear clothing. Secondly, the protest against bras, I only started wearing a bra as of this year because my tits actually started growing quicker than anticipated , but believe it or not ladies, no one actually cares whether or not you have a bra on. The amount of women I see on a daily basis that aren’t wearing bras (even though they should be) is astounding. Thirdly, the breast feeding issue, if you are a mother, you and that child have a right as humans to feed as you wish, and personally I don’t care, but other people have a right to request you cover up. Okay yes, your body your rules, but here’s a tip, if a man asks you to cover up because he is uncomfortable, that’s a straight give away that man could be a pervert. So unless you want an uncomfortable man bulging at your ‘feeding bags’ , I suggest covering, for your own benefit.

2. The argument about rape. There are a few points here. I will say firstly, I have been assaulted, so no, I am not here to victim blame, I’m not here to GENDER blame either. I as a woman know what it is like to be assaulted, having said that don’t think I’m on your side. HOW DARE YOU make a mockery of rape victims, women who have been physically and mentally hurt for life, by comparing these physical acts of violence to men looking at you. Stare rape?  You literally have made yourself victims because someone looked at you and then claim you have PTSD something REAL rape victims and war veterans have. I was diagnosed with PTSD at 14 years old, by a legit doctor, not Tumblr. I was never ashamed of it, until feminists started taking the piss out of it. My second point is, women lie about being raped, a lot! And they know they will be believed because in a lot of areas, we already have privilege. You not only make it harder to give rape victims are real chance, for example during my time spent in court I was asked questions like “were you physically raped” I questioned this, I thought to myself, how can you not be physically raped, and behold, back to the stare rape. You’re also ruining a lot of innocent men’s lives by lying, because you got drunk and regret it. That by the way is not victim blaming, if you drank too much alcohol, and you willingly consented to the act, that is not rape. Keep in mind, the guy you’re blaming was in the EXACT same situation as you. Last point on this subject, men can be raped too, and yes by women. “To force someone to have sex when they are unwilling, using violence or threatening behaviour” that is one of the original definitions of rape, before it was all about men being the enemy. Don’t victim blame? Why blame men, who have suffered false accusations or have been assaulted themselves?

3. Women can be just as nasty and intimidating as men. A woman complained that she gets stared at in the workplace because all men are disgusting perverts, I suggested wearing more appropriate clothing to work (which was not at Hooters, so no need to be un-presentable) and all of a sudden, I’m a victim blamer and a misogynist and oh so many stupid words by the self proclaimed bitch. Men consistently get the blame for being perverted and sexual predators, umm, have you people met lesbians? They can be just as, if not more intimidating than men, you say you’re not interested in women it’s 4 hours of “I’ll change your mind”. I have never met a more persistent group of people, in my entire life. Majority of feminists, are lesbians, I know huge surprise, So why is it wrong for a man to look at you or talk to you yet you can stalk and harass and intimidate other women, problem free? If you truly want equality, follow your own rules. When a woman says no, she means no. When she says she isn’t interested, she isn’t interested. I cannot stress this enough, this goes for men, women and all the other made up genders out there.

So on that note, that was my rant for tonight, but don’t worry, I’ll be back with far more on what’s wrong with feminism.