What is Anti-fa really? 

Well the first question, what is a fascist? 

A fascists is,  in the simplest of modern terms, someone with extreme right wing views.  They may be sexist,  racist and so on. 

Anti-fa, or anti fascist are a self proclaimed political group that claim to fight fascism. However their methods have escalated to an extremely violent measure.

Perhaps their methods would make sense if they were actually fighting the bad guys. 

In antifa’s opinion, a fascist is now anyone right wing. Even those who share some of their own ‘moral’ views. They will threaten and even go as far as to use violence to censor the free speech of others.                     Free speech is a human right,  and while there are people in ALL groups that try to censor the freedom of others, the far left has taken things to a new extreme of getting themselves labeled as terrorists, and rightfully so! They will attack anyone from elders to children and have no regard for the safety of innocent bystanders and damage all and any property around them.  If you’re not with them you’re against them.

Terrorist.                                                           “A person/ or people who use unlawful violence and intimidation,  especially against civillians, in the suit of political aims. ”

Anti-fa have often endangered the lives of others with sneak attacks,  outbursts of violence and attacking singular people in groups. They cover their faces making themselves unrecognizable and violently protest right wing rallies, events and speeches. They even organise their own rallies and protests just to be violent for the sake of it.  They bring weapons of all kinds,  including guns, knives, baseball bats,  pepper spray and so on. They set fire to garbage cans,  cars and buildings,  they tips cars over and block roads attacking those who attempt to drive or ride past. They attack people wearing Trump hats and claim they bought the violent attack on themselves because of the way they were dressed!  They neglect all moral sense and go against their own views to censor yours no matter what.                          Why the rest of the nut jobs on the left keep insisting that Anti-fa really are just a political group being Hero’s fighting evil fascists, has me stumped.                                  How can they possibly condone the violence used against women and children in these situations? Or anyone at all!  Anti-fa are no more than a terrorist organisation using their free speech and violent tactics to stop the free speech of others. Not because of differing beliefs, but because they are angry cowards. Basement dwelling, attention seeking,  gender confused babies that need to realise that not only does the world not revolve around them, but like most terrorists they have started a war they can’t win. 
They have however outdone themselves by stating that on November 4th they will behead as many white parents as possible.

If you would like to know more of the terrorist group and their hate-filled violence I’ve added a few random links to Anti-fa videos so you can see them in their full glory. Enjoy.  

https://youtu.be/4G8QLT6tFWU https://youtu.be/hthHHX-oJh8